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Some mobile hairdressers provide hair styling and/or makeup services, while others only provide haircutting, hair colouring and chemical hair services.

Mobile Hairdresser Cutting Hair

Hairdressers providing haircutting, hair colouring and chemical hair services must be qualified and hold a hairdressing licence or certificate.

Hair Stylists are not necessarily hairdressers, but have trained in hair styling, GHD curls, GHD straightening, hair extensions and makeup.

Good idea to ask for qualifications.

Mobile Hairdresser Trading Hours

Some work the same hours as a salon, while others will provide an after-hours service.

Mobile Hairdresser Blow Dry Service

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What Fees do Mobile Hairdressers Charge?

Prices will vary from one hairdresser to another and based on the following;

1. The time and day of appointment.

2. Your location, distance to travel, tolls, fuel and parking.

3. Your hair length and thickness.

4. The level of experience and training obtained.

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Welcome to list your business if you are one of the following.

Mobile Hairdresser
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Nail Technician
Sun Tanners
Hair Extension Technician

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