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A mobile hairdresser will come to your home, office and hotel / motel at a time that works for you.

Services range from haircuts, blow dry, hair styling and hair colour / color, (for those in the USA).

Some mobile hairdressers are also able to provide you with makeup and beauty services.

For one to be a mobile hairdresser they need to be licensed and qualified as a senior hairdresser, or are hair stylists and / or makeup artists that have trained in hairstyling, can not do any chemical work.

Mobile hairdressers tend to be more understanding of client’s needs and wants. Provide flexible trading hours for the client.

Mobile hairdressers may travel distances between clients this does reduce the number of clients they may service in one day, hence why some work longer hours.

It is always a good idea to ask and check for qualifications and licences.

Who Would Use The Services Of A Mobile Hairdresser?

In days gone by mobile hairdressers were used by seniors or the elderly that were housebound and / or in care. That all changed in the late 90's when women went back to the work force and people in general started working long hours.

Today 2015, mobile hairdressers are been used by brides, bridesmaids and wedding guests, corporate women and men that find it hard to get to a hair salon in normal business hours.

Women that need hair styling for an event or a blow dry early in the morning before salons are open.

Women wanting convenience, to have hair services in the comfort of they own home.

Women wanting a more personal one on one attention and experience when having they hair attend too.

Others use a mobile hairdresser simply because they dislike waiting in a salon, while others may find hair salons a discomfort and / or embarrassment.

A lot of women and men have also woken up to the fact that a lot of the work carried out on their hair in hair salons is been done by juniors, not senior hairdressers while the client is paying top dollar for services done by the junior.

Now by no meanings am I saying the all salons are all bad, no not at all. Hair salons will always been around as there are a lot of clients that love the whole going to a hair salon experience, the magazines, coffee or tea, the occasional glass of bubble and simply like to be seen, etc.

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